Autoblogging – Blackhat?

Autoblogging is not a blackhat technique. Some might get a little confused with this because they think that autoblogging is the same as splogs. This is not true.

Splogs are spam in the sense that they are spamming the search engines to build backlinking, drive traffic to affiliate links, increase ad clicks, or in some cases even spread malware. Because of this, splogs are considered a blackhat SEO technique that does not produce quality long-term results. They are also generally annoying as well for anyone using a search engine.

Autoblogging is not a blackhat technique because it is almost completely opposite from splogs. Atuoblogging is a term used to refer to automatically creating content for blogs as opposed to actually writing individual posts. Depending on the program, you can get content from RSS feeds, other blogs, and even articles. They will also include a link back to the original source. This is the biggest thing that makes it different. You are essentially pulling relevant information together on your blog for people to read while still giving credit to the original author and linking the excerpt back to their site.

While some bloggers don’t like the idea of their content being “stolen” with autoblogging techniques, there are a lot of them out there who appreciate the backlinks and the additional exposure. In essence, autoblogging helps out both sides of the coin. You get good, fresh content, and the original author gets additional exposure and backlinks to their site as well. It really is a win/win situation.

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